1. Looking good Robert. honestly man I say jump into color if you can next, hell maybe even take this one and do a color pass on it. Oh just to give you a heads up, they made us buy Color light and theory by James Gurney. Worth the read and picking it up early.

  2. Oh p.s. Kyle Kane told me to do this and I think works pretty well. When your working on a piece open up some really awesome pieces done by other artists in the same vein as your piece and have them next to yours. Try to aim for the level of finish they have. In other words don't copy but use those pieces as a way to help you understand where you could works things out better. I was doing some environments recently and had some James Paick pieces open right next to me. It helps. Anywho keep pushing dude I got some stuff to post on the other blog soon :D

  3. thanks. Cool man will do true words of wisdom. Yea i'll be going into color soon. Dude i need to get that book already. Looking forward to the posts.